söndagen den 19:e december 2010


The 50's is on the fashion again, just look at Pradas latest collection, and the stores has taken it to the heart. In every magasin and in every shop you find theese bell-shaped skirts. I'm going to the kitchen now.

Jackie Kennedy

This is what i look for now, the high cut neck of Jackie Kennedy's dresses, the sober and elegant but still sexy that focus on your neck, arms and waist in a charming way. The haircut makes it all very girly and not grownup.

lördagen den 11:e december 2010


Today I've met an great musician and idol! Robert Wells, he performed some of my favourite peices at the piano in the shopping galleria NK. He played alittlebit of three pieces that i can plat mayself. For exaple my very best melodie, minuite waltz of Frédéric Chopain that is a part of a big opain that is ment to play as quick as possible, that's why it's been giving its name, because it only takes a minuite to play. That's not all true, it takes around three minutes with all the repeating. This is the wiew from my window in Paris when i came home late one night.

Feeling of the wood

Today I went out in the sun and took this picture of the feeling of the snowcovered wood. I've been thinking alot today, about choices in life. Is young and studip really true?

fredagen den 10:e december 2010

torsdagen den 9:e december 2010

At Tjörn

This is outside my curtain in the morning.

In my winter wonderland.

Sweden sparkles more than diamonds, go out and play in the snow, the rosy cheeks is your natural blush and snowflakes in your hair your accessories.

Men det är vägen, som är mödan värd.

"But it's the way that makes the effort worth" I would translate Karin Boye's words like this. It makes sense. I have many dreams to achieve in life, but this reminds us all that it is the way to the dream that is the good memories that will make us breath. What did theese women think about their way in life I wonder while I turn the page in my grandmothers old photograph album. They had so little and still so much in their lifes. Sometimes i want to be just like them. This blogg of my notes will make me understand the joy of my way to my dreams. Please join me.